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Kate Schutt is an award-winning singer/songwriter, guitarist, and producer with a voice NPR calls "glassily clear and glossily sweet." Schutt (pronounced "shut") spent four years as her mom's primary caregiver, writing songs about the dark and the light of her mother's journey from diagnosis to death of ovarian cancer.

What People Are Saying About Kate’s TEDx Talk

WOW!!! I took care of my Mom for the last 5 and a half years of her life and I am now helping my sister take care of my Stepmom. Your thoughts and insights are spot on! I so wished I had someone there to help me get through everything I went through. Thank you so much for showing your pain and baring your soul for the whole world to see. You are an amazing woman!!!
— Christine
I just found the time (and strength) to listen to your TedTalk. It was amazing. I thought I’d have to turn it off at first because it was hard for me to hear but I quickly became riveted to your words and your performance (so nicely woven).
I’m thinking of you and feeling grateful to know you.
— Debbie
Dear Kate,
You just tossed a very big stone into a very still pond. These ripples will serve to strengthen, warm, lighten hearts by the tens of thousands.
The Talk had me, and everyone in the office absolutely breathless with remembering loss in our own lives, with absorbing your hard-won wisdom, with activated spirits for the chance to show up for someone in their dark days.
These ripples will build and do so much...
With Deep Respect and Love
— Matty
Dear Kate;

Thanks for doing that. Simple truths, painfully learned. I’ve seen this, and lived this twice — when my own Mom passed (at age 46) and years later, when my wife’s Mom died.

All of this to say, I suppose, that your friendship and your talents are hugely appreciated, and your bravery and generosity in sharing the fruits of a hard experience will be treasured.
I hope that you have heard from many, how truly helpful your talk is. I would be remiss not to tell you that.
— Bruce
You....Woman are an extraordinary and strong human. And this... is a great gift you’ve just shared. The way you stood their lit up by your truth, slightly leaning towards the audience, compelling them with your heart and voice to hear and see. Thank you.
— Sarah

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