"Mail Me 1 Thing" 


an ongoing game
letter-writing and postcard-sending
I play with my People  

You mail me 1 thing; I mail you 1 thing back


Because I’ve been writing letters all my life and they play a big part in my songwriting process.

You game?

-- A few things to keep in mind --

The MAIL ME 1 THING project includes a healthy dose of chance, vagary, and surprise. Mailing anything through the post office means things might get "lost in the mail."

(I have countless examples of this happening to me over the course of my decades-long letter writing life.)

This is part of the pen-pal game. And definitely part of the FUN!

If this bothers you or you aren't ready to accept the fact that sometimes things don't go as planned, then you should reconsider sending me something. I do not expect nor want you to put a tracking number on your letters, as that's not in the spirit of this project. This is something I will never do myself. There's no need.

 Just as you have to be ready to have your letter not reach me, I have to accept the fact that some of my letters to you might never reach you. Again, this is part of the fun ... if you choose to see it that way.

I do read and respond to everything that makes it to my mailbox. It might take me a while to respond or it might not. Again, chance and surprise are part of this endeavor. So are generosity and kindness. I extend these to you. Please extend these to me.

If you're ready to play, you can Mail 1 Thing to:

Kate Schutt
1 Penn Plaza
Suite 6246
New York, NY 10119

btw: this is NOT my home address

Follow the fun on Instagram and use #mm1thing