Singing along and listening in

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I'm so excited to see you at my show on Sept 5 in NYC! Tix are here.

It starts at 7pm and ends at 8.

Nice and early for a post-Labor Day school night! Don't miss it.




Her stage banter is awesome!

Do YOU feel up to singing this classic along with the Queen of Soul?


I've been listening to radio stations from around the globe with the incredible website, Radio Garden. Utterly fascinating! Here's radio from Nuuk, Greenland.

Here's one of a few stations from Tokyo. And I'm digging this one from Chennai, India right now!
(Hat tip to Katherine Chang Liu for this link.)



Good ol' pen and paper goes a long way to helping you make progress on habits you're pursuing in your life.

I'm using two of these handy 30-day challenge trackers (courtesy of Austin Kleon) to help me not break the chain and keep track of new habits I'm developing.

Download the pdf in that link and get tracking!

The Parting Shot

One must keep the urgency alive. I speak of the euphoria of ignorance, the notion of approaching things through non-knowledge of the subject and the skepticism of knowing too much. In some way one must carry the desire for openness and not be afraid of where it might lead you.”  —Paul Holdengräber, The Afterlife of Conversation


I love hearing from you. You know that. But do you act on it? That's the question!

What are you listening to these days? What keeps you motivated to change a habit?

Leave a comment below! I read everything you send my way.

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