Edwin and the Big Scroll

Edwin the faithful.

That's what I call my penpal Edwin from Surrey, UK.  He's been with me since the start of the Postcard Project. 

Right now, I am WAY behind on my correspondence with him.  He's got three letters on me, including this beauty -- written on a tiny scroll:

I'm in the midst of writing the first of the three letters I owe him.  But until then, I wanted to share this story with him about Jack Kerouac's Famous Scroll.

Kerouac typed about 100 words a minute and replacing paper on his typewriter was a nuisance, so he came up with the idea of the scroll. 

On that scroll of a letter Edwin sent me, he announced that he had just finished writing 12 songs all in one session on a big scroll of butcher paper.  Twelve songs!  On one big scroll of butcher paper!  Kerouac's smiling at you, my friend!  You should put that scroll in on a wall.  Frame it.  Make a few more and have an art show and at the opening, play all the music on all of the scrolls.  Just an idea ...

Hey Edwin!  Send me a photo of that 12 song butcher paper scroll in your next letter, will ya?

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Why postcards work

Because they HANG AROUND.

In a wobbly stack of old photos in my childhood bedroom, two layers deep, I found this:


I've been feeling low: not much practice, not much songwriting; a lot of grocery shopping, a lot of cooking, a lot of taking care of Mom.

Practicing not scales and tunes but humility, patience, suffering, service.

So unearthing this postcard -- from April 18, 2010 -- was a balm for these days of deferral, and, yes, sometimes, discouragement.


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