Suppose I am going to be someone

Howdy Friend!

First things first: quick update on the Keynote Contest, in case you didn't see my update on the socials (IGFB).

THANKS for all of your votes and words of encouragement. It meant so much to me. I did not win, but I had a blast participating and I am grateful for the opportunity. More than a few amazing conversations and connections came from me choosing myself, making that vid, and putting myself out there to lead and speak about caregiving and creating and changing the conversation around death. LOVE you so much for your support! 

Now to this Short and Sweet... 

We're in deep, aren't we? Who isn't these days? Sweaty summer afternoons, trips with family and friends, the news (WTF!?). We're past the middle of the year and hurtling towards Fall. Wow. Sometimes I feel like I forget who I am in the midst of all the churn.

Speaking of Fall and who I am... I've got this gig on Sept 5th in NYC. It's gonna be something else. I'd LOVE for you to be there. It will sell out. Get your tix here and now.

(More than a few of you texted me before the last gig asking if there were any tix left, and I couldn't help you out. I love these small, intimate clubs for a reason... up close and personal. But you have to be there to get, you know, up close and personal.)

Love you and onward... 



"Suppose she's right... Suppose I am going to be somebody." ~ Maya Angelou on the power of love to liberate.


A peer / hero (a peero?) of mine is the wildcat weaver and homesteader Jessica Green (check out her amazing weaving here and her Instagram thread here... which, btw, is one of my fav IGs ever).

I met Jessica while at one of my bliss stations, The Hambidge Center, where we were both doing deep work on our creative projects; she was weaving, I was writing songs for the Death Album. We've kept in touch ever since.

About a year ago, she decided to make a dream of hers real and start a "school."  I was all-in for SO many reasons, but mostly because I love who she is and how she is in the world... "hard work, hand work, usefulness and beauty."

Cut to a year later and she and a boatload of amazing humans did it. It's now a "real" entity (whatever the hell that means) called The Cabbage School:

"The Cabbage School has space in its imagination for all of us, for all of our ideas, large or small, for the possibility of connecting seemingly disparate concepts, for us to carve spoons then eat with them, weave cloth and wipe our faces in it, to pose questions far more than we ever find the answers.
The Cabbage School is a rigorous skill-based fool school."

Yup! A fool school at which this fool (yours truly) is so freaking PUMPED to teach!

On October 27, 2018, I'm holding a day-long workshop called  "Talking Songs: Songwriting and Beyond." 

I'd LOVE for you to be there! It is going to be a wild adventure of love and vulnerability!

The Cabbage School is located about 30 minutes west of Asheville, NC. Bring along a couple of pals and let's talk and make songs together!



One of my favorite critics of ANY thing on god's green earth was the L.A. food critic Jonathan Gold. He died on July 21st. May he rest in peace. He was a writer with a huge respect for his readers and a human who championed the little man and the delights of the strip mall restaurant.

I know I've waxed rhapsodic about this before, but in case you missed it, see City of Gold, a doc made about Jonathan. In a world drowning in the opinions of everyone, his writing (and eating) always delivered something different, something surprising and arresting and joyful.

The Parting Shot

"Show me someone who claims he doesn't give a shit and I'll show you a born artist who's scared out of his wits to become that artist. Our subject is sitting right in front of us but we can't see it because we're terrified. We're terrified that, if we recognize and acknowledge our subject (which is our calling as an artist), we'll have to act on it. We'll have to make a decision. We'll have to put ourselves on the line. We'll have to take a risk."  ~ Steven Pressfield, The Artist's Journey


Suppose you ARE going to be someone... who are you going to be?

I'd love to know, and I read everything you send my way... 

Big love,