New single out now!

My song Fight the Good Fight is out now on all the platforms.

You don't have to fight the good fight for me.
What's it going to take for you to believe me?
When your world's been blown apart,
I've got your back, I've got your heart.
You don't have to fight the good fight for me.

When my mom got cancer, I needed her to know that she didn't have to do chemo or radiation or any treatment at all if she didn't want to.

It was important to me that she not feel burdened by expectations or assumptions that she should fight her cancer.

In order to convince her that I wholeheartedly meant what I said, I wrote the song Fight the Good Fight for her.

Do you have someone in your life who is such a rock, so capable and responsible that it would seem completely out of character for them to NOT do the capable, responsible thing?

Are you in support of them giving themselves a little grace?

Do you want them to make their OWN choices about how to live and how to die?

Does someone you know need to hear this song? Send it to them.
Do YOU need to hear it? Listen up and let the love in.