Some feel-good music and a free ticket thanks to one of you!

Hi Friend!

Shortest and sweetest... 'cause it's August!


You can't miss this awesome-sauce -- the song Nothing To Lose from the great singer, composer and Hammond organ master, Twinkie Clark and her sisters. I've been singing along with this track ALL week. Everything starts getting off-the-hook amazing at 7:02. Start there and sing a call-and-response with the sisters. Your soul will feel better if you do! Just saying.


For a laugh, how about the weird bit of nonsense that is Inspirobot -- an A.I. that generates endless amounts of unique "inspiring" quotes? File under: Things humans do when they don't take themselves too seriously.


Generous and loving... and game! That's who we are around here. But one fan, Sarah with an H, just upped the ante! Dig this:

So, you know I have this gig on Sept 5, at 7pm at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 in NYC. (You're coming, right?)

Sarah wanted to come to the show, too. Alas! She lives in San Francisco, CA. That didn't stop her... She thought, "If I can't go to the show, how about giving someone a ticket to attend for me?"

Yup! She reached out to me and said she'd buy 1 ticket for a NYC-area fan who wants to go to the show!

How generous is that?!

I am so moved and humbled by the offer! What a great idea!

So here's what happened: the first person on my mailing list who replied to my newsletter, The Short The Sweet, with the subject lines saying "Thank You, Sarah!" got the ticket! And will also get a giant high five and huge bear hug from me at the show! (Pssst- want to join in on cool offers like this in the future?? Easy! Join my newsletter by clicking here!)

Thank YOU Sarah! You've inspired me!

The Parting Shot

“The way to be invulnerable is to be vulnerable”  — Cheri Huber


YOU (yes, you!) are awesome and loving!

Every time I hear from you or see you or get an email message or a comment on the socials, you put positive sweetness into my life. I hope I do the same for you!

I read EVERYthing you send my way... so leave a comment! Tell me what you thought of Sarah's ticket idea and how you are giving back in your life. I'd love to know!

Big love,