Mail Me 1 Thing FAQ

As many of you know, I've been exchanging letters and postcards with my fans since forever. This fun activity used to be called "The Postcard Project."  

Now, I'm calling it "Mail Me 1 Thing."

I thought it was time to re-up the FAQ.  Here goes ... 

  Just a few of the things that have been mailed to me

  Just a few of the things that have been mailed to me

What is this Mail Me 1 Thing anyway?
You mail me 1 thing and I mail you 1 thing back. Pretty straightforward. Very fun!

What's your mailing address?  (This is NOT where I live; it's just a mailbox.)
1 PENN PLZ #6246, NEW YORK, NY 10119-0002

Is this for real?  Do you ACTUALLY mail 1 thing back to me?
Yes, I actually mail 1 thing back to you.

Like what?  How does this work?
Like: if you write me a letter, I'll write you one back.  If you write me a postcard, I'll write you one back.  If you send me a drawing, I'll send you one back. Want to see examples? Follow me on Instagram to get a look at what I receive and what I send.

I use the hashtag #mm1thing on Instagram and Twitter.

What can the 1 Thing be?
Usually, it is a postcard or a letter.  Sometimes it is a drawing.  It could be a photocopy of your favorite poem.  It might be a small painting you made.  Or perhaps it is a hand-drawn map of your favorite place. Really, the sky’s … I mean the mail’s … limit.  

Can you give me more examples of the 1 Things people have sent you?
A postcard of the Eiffel Tower with a kitten and a rainbow on it.  A letter written in the tiniest handwriting on the smallest scrap of paper and a magnifying glass with which to read it.  A drawing of a bird.  A drawing of a street musician. An invitation to a duel. (True!)

What are some of the 1 Things you’ve sent back?
A postcard from a gas station on the New Jersey Turnpike.  A letter written on the biggest piece of paper I could find.  A drawing of my foot. A drawing of an owl. One of the drafts of my songs.

How long does it take for me to receive a postcard or letter back?
Depends on what country you live in, the vagaries of the postal service (yours / mine) and the hectic-ness of my life. 

I mail 1 thing back to everyone who sends me 1 thing. Patience is part of the process! So is things getting lost in the mail!

Why would I write a letter when I could just send an email or a text?
Because it's fun! Because mailing a physical object and wondering when it will arrive to the person on the other end is a beautiful act of creation, trust, and love.

For me, writing letters and postcards has always been part of my life and my songwriting process.

I like connecting to my fans in a human way. I'm tired of screens. Aren't you?

How many things have you received since you started the Mail Me 1 Thing project?
Over 200 ... at least. I've never stopped to count. At this point, I have a couple of multi-year correspondences with people I've never met. Imagine that! Pen pals ... in this day and age! 

Will Mailing Me 1 Thing make me a better person or make the world a better place?
Hell yes it will!