What does it mean to you? For most musicians, solitude is an old friend. We spend hours and hours "in the shed" practicing, alone with our selves, our instruments, our dreams, and our limits.

To me, solitude means uninterrupted stretches of time (long or short) to read, write, compose, play guitar, meditate, think, draw, or work on a project that might or might not have a deadline or point.

In an increasingly noisy world, solitude is rare and valuable. Accordingly, the "things" that come from spending time in solitude can be rare and valuable too - a flash of insight, a distillation of thought, a connection of ideas, an acceptance of what is. 

I've been reading the literature of solitude over the past few months. Here are two of my favorite books on the subject. 

"A Woman in the Polar Night" by Christiane Ritter 

"How To Be Alone" by Sara Maitland 

How do you experience solitude? Do you deliberately create time for it? When you have it, do you luxuriate in it or does it make you uneasy? Where is your favorite place to "practice" solitude? Outdoors? A certain room in your house?