How are you creating community?

The awesome gals at Kind Aesthetic wrote this great little wrap-up about a house concert I had in my apartment in NYC last summer. 

In the post, they write about how the night CREATED community.  How it made community and connection happen.  The night was full of great people, all of whom I wanted to introduce to each other.  Sure the music was great (especially because I was playing with the King of Newfoundland gypsy jazz guitar, Mr. Duane Andrews and the King of the Beaches in Toronto, the bluesman, Mr. Paul Reddick), sure the vibe was killing, but the best part of all ... getting all of my cool peeps together in one room and seeing what happened!

Here is what happened: Boom!  Ideas flying back and forth!  Sparks!  Collaborations!  Laughs!  New friendships!  New workout partners!  Hilarious, revealing convos!  I think there was even a late night trek to the 55 Bar to see Julian play??  (Can someone who was there confirm?)

How do you make community happen?  Talk to me.