Postcard Project FAQ

What is the Postcard Project?

You write me a postcard or a letter and I write you back.  Simple as that. 

So doesn't that make us PEN PALS?

Yup!  It does!

What is your address?

1 PENN PLZ #6246, NEW YORK, NY 10119-0002

Is this for real?  Do you ACTUALLY write me back?

Yes, the Postcard Project is for real.  Yes, I actually write you back.

How long does it take for me to receive a postcard or letter back?

Depends on what country you live in, the vagaries of the postal service (yours / mine) and the hectic-ness of my life. 

I answer every postcard and letter. 

Why would I write a letter when I could just send an email or a text?

Because it is fun!

Writing letters and postcards is part of my songwriting process. 

It is also a way to get to know my fans and stay in touch with them.  I like connecting in a human way.  I get tired of screens and pixels.  Don't you? 

How many postcards have you received since you started the Postcard Project?

About 150 and counting.

How many people do you correspond with regularly?  Did you know them before you started the project?

About 10.  I knew one or two of the "regulars" before the project, but most are complete strangers that have now become friends.

Will the Postcard Project make me a better person or the world a better place?

Most definitely!