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Postcard Project -- My Very Own Aerogramme

by kate 10. February 2012 14:55

It's been a little while, but I am back at it.  Writing postcards and letters to those of you who've dared to send me a missive through the Postal Service.


Big ups to Edwin for sending me a homemade Aerogramme all the way from Surrey, UK.  Wow!

Right back at 'ya, Edwin.  On some fancy stationary, to boot! 



What's the Postcard Project?

I like to write letters and postcards. You write me; I write you.  Simple as that. 

I dare you.

319 Lafayette St, #159, NY, NY 10012

*To those I haven't sent a postcard to yet:  A little family health crisis took the wind out of my sails for awhile, but I am back in the cockpit, hand on the tiller, pulling in the main sail and headed your way, tacking back and forth, making some headway.  Be patient.  I'll get there!  And THANKS!

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